Club Champions, 2018

Senior Club Champion     Low Gross  Jim Horne
                                         Low net      John Esler                  
                                        Second  flight Low  Gross    Roy Nelson
                                                             Low net         Ken Munro                 
                                        Third flight      Low gross      Larry Rehaume
                                                             Low Net         Ted Hart
                                  Gerry Miller   Larry Rehaume
Club Championships        Low Gross    Scott Boyce
                                         Low Net        Larry Rehaume
                                         First flight       Low Gross          John Esler
                                                              Low Net               Merv See
                                         Second  flight  Low Gross          Ken Munro
                                                               Low Net              Beattie Ledingham
                                          Third flight      Low Gross          Phil Boyer
                                                               Low Net              Garth Lillejord
  Monthly Cup                      Winner  Ed Deyoung
  Interclub team                    Ed Deyoung, Larry Rehaume ,Kirk Dawson, Bill Bergman

Club Championship 2018, 27-28 August

Seniors Championship is on for 27 August, starting 0857. The Senior championship is 18 holes. The Club championship covers both days. There will be several flights with gross and net prizes in each flight. The number of flights and number of players per flight will be based on the number of entries. Sign up sheets are up in the members lounge. Please try to sign up by thursday night so we can get the flights and tee times set up. Note monday will start at 8:57 and tuesday ay 12:01 with our usual monthly dinner to follow.  cost is $5 for seniors and $10 for club event.

July Monthly Cup

Bill B had won the Mountainside Monthly Cup for July a few days before .There was a contingent of Mountainside members who arrived to make sure Bill B did not get to hold both Monthly Cups simultaneously. Leskie and Bergman were paired on the same team and had a mighty battle before Leskie’s big win. Who does Bergman play for in the monthy Interclub??  Stay tuned for results.

Kudoes to variety of weekly games

Each week, there is a different team game ,in addition to KPs, deuces, and (sometimes) skins. This is possible only because of the new computer program (thanks to Gottfried M and others) . Simply input gross scores for each team member and the ‘machine’ generates the winners. What will they think of next!!!?

Singles Match Play

Four round robin groups laboured to get all their games in, but persevered. We await the final results between Scott R and Brian D. This match is a reprise of the Club Championship 2017 when these two fine gentlemen went four extra holes to declare a winner (Brian D) . Good luck to both!!

Monthly Cup

Kirk Dawson won for the second month in a row in June. Apparently it has been more than 5 years since the last time this happened . But all good things must end. Randy Leskie wowed us all with his 79 (net 58) to win the July Cup. Mention as well to Larry “I never win anything” R. who took numerous KPs and deuces on the day

Club Championship 2017

Club Champion gross  Brian Devenish

Club Champion net  Scott Boyce

Flight #1

low gross  Gord Bignell

low net (#1) Jim Broom

low net (#2) Jim Horne

Flight #2

low gross Bill Bergman

low net(#1) Phil Boyer

low net (#2) Ken Munro

Flight #3

low gross Bryan Tanney

low net (#1) James Kozlowski

low net (#2) Roy Barr